Isle Royale – Inland Lakes

Day 12-13

September 10-11, 2010

Isle Royale National Park

The last two hiking days of my trip were lovely, but uneventful.  I didn’t see anyone between leaving Hatchet Lake on Friday morning and after dinner at Chippewa Harbor on Saturday night.  Quite a bit of wolf scat, but no more large mammals crossed my path.  I got some awesome views of the island and beyond from the top of the Greenstone Ridge, near Mt. Siskiwit.  Around Chickenbone Lake, Lake Livermore, Lake LeSage, and Lake Richie I saw really nice forest.  It rained much of the day on Saturday, which brought out all the different greens, browns, and blacks of the foliage, and it gave me a beautiful view at Chippewa Harbor, as the sunset coincided with the clearing skies.  I’m going to let the photos do the talking for me:

Chickenbone Lake, viewed from near Mt. Siskiwit

Lake Siskiwit, largest lake on the island, looking south from near Mt. Siskiwit. Lake Superior lies beyond.

Where I've been... (looking west from near Mt. Siskiwit)

Where I'm going... (looking down towards Lake Richie from near Mt. Siskiwit)

Beautiful swampy forest in the rain on the trail from Lake Richie to Chippewa Harbor

Chippewa Harbor, looking out towards Lake Superior in the mist.

Chippewa Harbor, after the sun came out

Arriving at Chippewa Harbor around 6 pm, I found the place deserted and had my pick of the shelters.  I went for the one with the best view, if not the best actual shelter from wind.  A couple hours later, some hikers and a couple of paddlers straggled their way into camp, and I chatted with the former for a while: a group of guys up from the Detroit area for a week.  I went to bed gazing at the bright stars through the shelter’s screen, hoping to wake up early enough in the morning for one last hike before heading back to the Minnesota shore.


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