Into the Cascades

Day 34 – 36

Oct 1 – 3, 2010

Mile 4236 – 4373

Eugene, OR to Chemult, OR

On Friday, I left Eugene and headed up into the Cascades.  Driving up the McKenzie Highway, I checked out the Cougar Dam and REservoir on the McKenzie River, dallied in some hot springs, and spent the night at Paradise Campground.  Saturday morning began with a nice hike through the woods, full of mushrooms, huge trees, and tons of mosses.  Then it was up a twisty road to the top of McKenzie Pass, and the volcanic landscape there.  I bid a fond adieu to Stephanie at that point – she headed back to Eugene, while I went on to spend the night in the high desert outside of Bend, Oregon.  Not before I’d sampled a few of the many brews made there in town, and taken a gander at the most famous of their breweries: Deschutes.

Cougar Reservoir

Wow, that's a big tree! On the Ollalie Trail on Horsepasture Mountain.

Two of the Three Sisters at sunset form Horsepasture Mt.

Belknap Crater and its resultant lava flows. This volcano erupted about 4,000 years ago.

Pioneer trees on Belknap Crater

Not much but lichen growing on the rocks

A couple "islands" of forest were untouched by the lava flow and are now thousands of years ahead of their surroundings in plant growth.

The North and Middle Sister, viewed from McKenzie Pass


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